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Black summer truffle organic Carpaccio 80g
Vigne Vecchie

Black summer truffle organic Carpaccio 80g

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The black summer truffle also known as Scorzone has a rich and pleasant aroma, with flavors of garlic and wild mushrooms.

Truffle, called also the king of the table, grows naturally below the soil’s surface and close to certain trees.

Black summer carpaccio pairs well with polenta, potatoes gnocchi, risotto with rhum and sausages or with an unusual salad made with artichokes and grana. All delicious ways to taste Vigne Vecchie black summer truffle

Made from organic raw materials.

Not for separate sale.

Available in the gift box including also black truffle infused oil and white truffle infused oil.

Technical information

Ingredientis Balck summer truffle 90%, evo oil 8%, salt 1%, natural aroma of black truffle 1%, 

From organic farming

Nutrition declaration per serving. Servings 16. Serving size 5.00 g

Energy  4.50 Kcl/18.83 Kjl
Total fat 0.50 g
- of which saturated fat 0.10 g
Carbohydrates 0.40 g
- of which sugar 0.00 g
Proteins 0.00 g
Salt 12.50 mg

Organically grown. Once opened keep refrigerated at +1° +4°C

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