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Burnt-wheat tortiglioni 500 g - Vigne Vecchie Food - Salento typical products


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Vigne Vecchie

Burnt-wheat tortiglioni 500 g

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Vigne Vecchie offers pasta made with 100% Italian wheat. Burnt grain pasta dates back to very ancient times, exactly to poor peasant traditions or cucina povera.

Burnt grain originated in the region of Puglia, the heels of Italy. After the harvesting peasants were allowed to seek overlooked stubbles in the fields and to collect the burnt grain left on the fields.

Burnt wheat pasta is intensely dark and has stronger taste. Burnt grain pasta is made according to the philosophy of Vigne Vecchie that offers just handmade products of highest quality from the Mediterranean tradition.

Tortiglioni cook in 8 to 10 minutes but drain pasta a bit earlier if you like to finish cooking pasta in the condiment, so pasta will be al dente – to the tooth.

Technical information

Ingredients: Durum wheat flour 85%, burnt wheat flour 15%, water


Nutrition facts per serving size 56g*
Calories 196.5Kcl
Calories from fat 15Kcl
Total fat 0g
- of which satureted fat 0g
- Polynsaturated 0g
- Monounsaturated 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Sodium 0mg
Total Carbohydrates 42g
- of which Dietary Fiber 1g
- sugar 3g
Proteins 5g
Vitamin A 0%
Vitamin C 0%
Calcium 0%
Iron 0%


*%Daily Value (based on a 2000 calories diet

Allergens: gluten

Feedbacks of our clients for the product

Maura Non avevo mai provato una pasta al grano arso. Che dire? Ottima, tiene bene la cottura e adoro il gusto rustico che si sposa benissimo con le verdure. Consigliatissima!

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