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Organic tomatoes bottling with basil 195 g e - Vigne Vecchie Food - Salento typical products


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Organic tomatoes sauce with basil 195 g e
Vigne Vecchie

Organic tomatoes sauce with basil 195 g e

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Tomatoe bottling is made from 100% Italian organic tomatoes according to Vigne Vecchie philosophy that pays attention to local traditions and raw materials.

Tomatoe sauce with basil is the Mediterranean condiment par excellance and has a fresh and unique flavor and smell.

It perfectly matches with good dishes of bronze drawn pasta by Vigne Vecchie. 


Technical information

Ingredients:tomatoes pulp* 85.71%, extra virgin olive oil* 3.82%, onion*, tomatoes puree* 3.18%, basil* 0.85%, salt 0.48%, 


Nutrition declaration per 100 g

Energy 54.75Kcl/227.22Kjl
Total fats 4.04g
- of which saturated fats 0.52g
Total carbohydrates 3.01g
- of which sugar 3.01g
Proteins 1.16g
Salt 535.20mg

Store in a cool and dry place. No preservatives. Refrigerate after opening and use within 5 days.