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Vigne Vecchie


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Christmas holidays are coming. If you are looking for some unique and unusual gift idea for Christmas look no further! Vigne Vecchie offers a wide selection of exclusive Gift Boxes and Gift Baskets for your Christmas 2016!

Vigne Vecchie Supreme is the perfect gift for those who want to make a gift or give themselves a gift of a wide selection of traditional products from Puglia and in particular from Salento.

A basket rich in unique products of Puglia as delicious condiments and gourmet products. It is perfect also if you want to give an original corporate gift.

The best specialties gathered for you in this uniquely shaped, handcrafted basket embellished with Christmas decorations.

Technical information

The Gift Basket contains:

1 pot holder or rag in pure cotton with the Vigne Vecchie logo embroidered

1 packet of pasta

2 condiments

1 vegetables preserved in extra virgin olive oil

1 paté

1 bakery product

1 packet of Christmas cookies 

1 extra virgin olive oil

1 truffle salt 

1 red or white wine

1 jam gift box


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Vigne Vecchie reserves the right to substitute the products not available in stock with other products of equivalent value.