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Tarallini cookies with coffee 125 g - Vigne Vecchie Food - Salento typical products


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Coffee sweet tarallini 125 g
Vigne Vecchie

Coffee sweet tarallini 125 g

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Crunchy and crumble sweet tarallini flavored with coffee.

Cookies flavored with coffee ideal for any occasion. Made with carefully selected Italian raw materials in compliance with the brand philosophy.

Vigne Vecchie offers only products of highest quality respecting local traditions

Technical information

Ingredients:all-purpose wheat flavor 51%, sugar 17%, olive oil17%, wine, sulfites 8.3%, coffee powder 5%, brewer's yeast 1.7%.

Nutrition declaration per 100

Energy 422.26 kcal/1781.78 kj
Proteins 7.99g
Total fat 9.10g
- of which saturated fat 3.10g
- trans 0.00g
Carbohydrates 75.65g
- of which sugar 14.75g
Sodium 5.00mg

May contain traces of cereals, eggs, soya beans, walnuts, sesam and lupini beans.

Allergens: gluten