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Traditional panettone
Vigne Vecchie

Traditional panettone

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Finding a good Panettone is not easy and you can choose from dozens of types, but surely Italian people love the traditional Panettone with raisins and candied fruit and Vigne Vecchie made a great traditional Panettone to make your Christmas special.

Our cake is made according to the traditional recipe. It is delicious, fragrant and soft. Each cake is made in the traditional way using fresh raw materials from Puglia.

As everybody knows, Italians cannot go without Panettone during Christmas’ holidays and we are sure our Pnettone will certainly not disappoint the expectations of the most demanding.

The packaging is very elegant and makes this Panettone also ideal as a gift for your friends or as a corporate gift.

A unique product of excellent quality that will make your holidays unforgettable!

Technical information

Ingredients: Wheat flour "0", sugar, butter, egg yolks, candied orange peel with glucose syrup and sugar (10%), raisin (10%), baking powder, powdered skimmed milk, rice flour, apricot kernels, salt, dextrose, emulsifiers: E471, aromas.


Nutrition declaration per 100 gr
Energy 437 Kcl/1695 Kj

Total fat

of which saturates

10,7 g

  5,6 g


of which sugar

29,9 g

25,23 g

Protein   6,4 g
Salt 237,5 mg


Net weight 35 oz