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Rss Feed to stay up to date online - Vigne Vecchie Food - Salento typical products


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Rss Feed to stay up to date online

www.vignevecchieshop.com now offers descriptions of its products and accessories for sale on the website, via RSS (Really Simple Syndication).
The RSS feeds allow you to receive real-time, in an easy and functional way, the latest updates posted on the site. The RSS feeds contain the complete description of the object or accessory for sale, allowing you to always stay tuned www.vignevecchieshop.com, even while you are visiting other websites.

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To use the feeds, click with the right mouse button on the RSS button, choose "copia collegamento" and paste the link into your favorite RSS aggregator :

Feed Rss Affregators

To access RSS is sufficient to use a special program called "aggregator". They come in different types depending on the computer, operating system, and in some cases the browser used. Aggregators, described below, are free:

NetNewsWire Lite (Mac OS X)
FeedDemon (Windows Xp)
Liferea (Linux, Gtk/Gnome)